Oscars 2015: The 87th Academy Awards in GIFs

Oscars Red Carpet
All the arrivals, all the fashion at the 87th Academy Awards.

The 87th Academy Awards came and went, but the show will forever live on in GIF form. Before you read about Elton John’s party, who went to the Governor’s Ball and where Benedict Cumberbatch took his wife and white suit to, here are some show moments you may have missed, presented in little morsels of animated delight:

Hello again, Lupita Nyong’o’s brother.

Benedict drinks, you drink, we all drink.

Neil Patrick Harris makes fun of Oprah’s millions billions.

Yep, that was Will Arnett as Batman. (Hey, Questlove).

And you get a Lego Oscar, and you get a Lego Oscar.

David Oyelowo isn’t sure about this year’s Oscars (or NPH’s jokes).

Jennifer Lopez does it again.

The show must go on, even if you’re in your underwear.

These two…

And it was all because of this amazing one.

What a beautiful moment between David Oyelowo and Oprah.

Everyone cried because of John Legend and Common’s epic performance of “Glory.”


He finally got her name right.

“The incomparable Julie Andrews.” — Lady Gaga

Eddie Redmayne, you won an Oscar!

And let’s have another Meryl gif, because why not?

[All GIFs courtesy of Giphy]