Chris Soules ‘The Bachelor’ Recap, Week 8: Monkeying Around in the Bali Fantasy Suite

Only three girls remained this week, which means… FANTASY SUITE, BABY!

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Chris Soules (and Chris Harrison) got to spend a romantic getaway with Kaitlyn, Whitney and Becca in Bali, and at the end of each date, he presented them with a key to the fantasy suite — whether or not they accept is upon them.

Of course, we all sit here and think who wouldn’t accept a night alone with what could potential be your husband? But for Becca it was a bit more difficult… After all, she’s still a virgin and planning to wait until marriage.

Here’s your full recap of their week in Bali:

Kaitlyn and Chris Get Attacked by Monkeys. Kaitlyn — whose hair just could not withstand the humidity — was the first person to get some alone time with Chris in Bali. The two didn’t really do much except wander the streets of the town and hang out with monkeys, which kept attacking Chris — one also peed on him. Kaitlyn made a comparison to herself and the monkeys, wishing she could be more like them because “they know what they want and they go after it without anything standing in their way.”

Later, they joined together and had dinner during which Kaitlyn kept trying to tell Chris she loved him. Eventually she spit it out in the fantasy suite (yes, of course she accepted), and Chris reciprocated the feelings.


Whitney Goes Sailing With Chris, but Chris is Concerned. Whitney — who was seemingly the only person unaffected by the Bali humidity — definitely struck out with the coolest date of the bunch. Chris took her sailing on a massive boat into the Indian Ocean. They wined and dined and even jumped into the sea.

At dinner, Chris expressed his concern that Whitney wouldn’t be happy moving to Arlington. Though Whitney does reveal her worry about how small the farming town is and how hard she’s worked in her career, she only wants one thing: to be a wife and make babies. This made Chris really happy. He invited her into the fantasy suite, and you totally know what happens next.


Becca Tells Chris She’s a Virgin. Chris takes Becca to look around a few farms in Bali, which sounds horrible, but it was actually pretty cute watching him geek out over their system. “We haven’t farmed like this in the U.S. for hundreds of years!” he reveals with excitement to the camera.

Dinner wasn’t much more exciting for the couple. First of all, they both looked absolutely miserable. Becca was really sweaty, but Chris was even sweatier — pit stains on his shirt, sweat dripping from his temples, the whole nine. We could tell Becca was a little off, too. It’s unclear if that was due to the humidity or due to the fact that she knew Chris would invite her to the fantasy suite and still has no idea she’s a virgin.

Of course he gives her the envelope. She says yes, and when they get to the romantic room, she finally opens up and drops the bomb. “I do have something very important to share with you, and I want you to be very honest with your feelings about it. It’s a big part of who I am,” Becca began. “But after having such an amazing time with you, I have been a little bit nervous to bring it up because it is a big deal.” Following a lengthy pause, she finally spit out: “But I am a virgin.”

Chris raised his eye brows, dropped them, took a big breath in and finally responded. “I’m glad that you … and I … it’s never easy to respond to this kind of stuff,” he said. Then continued explaining how he respects it and loves that it shows who she is as a person. Then they made out a lot, and the sounds coming out of their mouths made me want to chop my ears off.

The Rose Ceremony. When it comes to the rose ceremony, we’re presented with some drama. Chris and Becca had an uneasy conversation the morning after the fantasy suite, and he’s unsure whether or not she would be willing to move to Arlington with him. So when he makes it to the ceremony, he asks to speak with her again for a moment.

At this point, Whitney, Kaitlyn and the audience are fairly positive Becca’s out… But when he returns with her we have no clue who will be chopped.

It ends up being Kaitlyn, and just like her personality, the goodbye was awkward. Roosters were crowing, she kept making this hilarious I-don’t-want-to-cry-face and then couldn’t get her seat belt on when she finally got in the car. Overall, we were happy she didn’t end up with him… She’s a bit too fun and exciting for a farmer from Iowa.

‘Til next week when the women tell all!