Taylor Swift Explains Why She (Finally) Showed Off Her Belly Button

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Taylor Swift just revealed why she decided to show off her belly button on Instagram.

The 25-year-old singer was on The Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw with Ed Sheeran this morning, (Feb. 24, 2015). On the show, host Nick Grimshaw asked Swift about her recent vacation in Hawaii with HAIM. He wanted to know why she posted the pictures of her vacation and Swift gave a very interesting explanation.

Swift and Sheeran are currently in London to perform at the Brit Awards on Wednesday, (Feb. 25, 2015). The two were guests on the radio show this morning and they revealed a lot of behind-the-scenes information.

One of the main topics of conversation: Swift’s vacation with HAIM. In the past, Swift has said she didn’t want to reveal her belly button, but then she posted a picture on Instagram in which her belly button is exposed. So, why the change of heart? Paparazzi. It turns out, Swift spotted paparazzi taking pictures of her and HAIM in their bikinis, so the group of girls beat the paparazzi to the punch by posting the pictures themselves.

On the show, Swift explained that they weren’t going to post the pictures, but then they spotted paparazzi on the last day of their vacation. Swift revealed, “Basically, on the last day we see a fishing boat a half a mile away. We were like ‘that’s a little weird, we’re in the middle of the ocean scuba diving.’ My security gets out binoculars and sees that they have a huge long-lens camera. At which point, we go back to the beach and we realize, ‘okay so they got pictures of us in our bikinis, like I don’t want them to make $100,00 for stalking us.’ So we’re like, ‘get up on the bow of the boat, we’re taking better bikini shots so they don’t make as much money on theirs.'”

It’s clear that Swift wants that money to go towards something more deserving, like education. It was just revealed by People that Swift has donated $50,000 to New York City’s public schools. Could she be more awesome?

Also on the radio show, Swift revealed she woke up with an interesting email from The Weeknd, the day after the 2015 Grammys. It sounds like there was some partying going on after the Grammys, and Swift ended up petting The Weeknd’s hair. The next day she woke up with an email from The Weeknd, in which he told her what she had been doing at the party. LOL.

Listen to the entire interview below, you’ll even hear how Swift and Sheeran reacted when the police busted a Grammys after party that they attended!