Find Out How Fast Bruce Jenner Was Traveling During Fatal Crash

The speed at which Bruce Jenner was traveling during the fatal car accident that occurred earlier this month in Malibu, Calif. has been revealed.

Jenner was reportedly traveling at 38 MPH when he crashed his Escalade into the Lexus on Feb. 7, 2015, according to TMZ. After Jenner struck the Lexus, it went into oncoming traffic and crashed with a Hummer. The driver of the Lexus was killed.

The site is also reporting that the Sensing Diagnostic Module (aka the data recorder) shows that Jenner was, “traveling between 46 to 47 MPH when he slammed on the breaks.”

Sources say that Jenner’s impact with the Lexus happened “almost immediately after braking.” And the entire accident occurred in “less than three seconds.”

This information could suggest that Jenner didn’t see that the Lexus, and the Prius ahead of the Lexus, had slowed down ahead of him. After Jenner hit the Lexus and the Lexus crashed with the Hummer, Jenner’s Escalde hit the Prius that was ahead of the Lexus.



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