Bruce Jenner Car Crash Update: He Most Likely Won’t Be Prosecuted for Vehicular Manslaughter

Find Out How Fast Bruce Jenner Was Traveling During Fatal Crash
The speed at which Bruce Jenner was traveling during the fatal car accident has been revealed.

It looks like Bruce Jenner won’t be prosecuted for vehicular manslaughter in the Malibu car crash case.

Law enforcement insiders told TMZ that he will likely avoid charges because he was driving “HUA” (aka head up ass). Get the details below.

On Feb. 7, Jenner was driving his Escalade on the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu, Calif. when he crashed into a Lexus. That Lexus was sent into oncoming traffic and crashed with a Hummer, and the Lexus driver was killed. After hitting the Lexus, Jenner’s Escalade allegedly went on to hit the Prius that was in front of the Lexus.

This morning we told you that Jenner was traveling at 38 MPH when he hit the Lexus. It was also reported that Jenner was traveling at around “47 to 48 MPH before he slammed on the breaks.”

Now, we have new details on the case. Sources close to the investigation told TMZ, “conventional wisdom is 60/40 AGAINST criminal prosecution.” With one insider revealing, “it’s more like 70/30.”

So, why won’t Jenner be prosecuted? He wasn’t under the influence, he wasn’t speeding and he wasn’t texting.

One insider told the site, “It’s more a case of HUA.” It sounds like HUA is police talk which means driving while head up ass.

The investigation is reportedly almost complete, and insiders don’t believe that the LA County Sheriff’s department will recommend prosecution.

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