Sorry Prince Harry, Emma Watson Wants to Marry Steve Carell

Just when we thought Emma Watson and Prince Harry were going to be a couple, it turns out she already has her sights set on someone else.

Watson professed her love for 52-year-old actor Steve Carell on Twitter, even admitting that she wants to marry him. Check out the note she wrote Carell below.

During the 2015 Oscars on Sunday, Carell was wearing #HeForShe cufflinks, which helps support gender equality.

Watson started the #HeForShe campaign, and is a huge support of equal rights for men and women. So, when she spotted Carell wearing the cufflinks at the ceremony, she wrote him a little note.

Here’s the tweet Watson sent, with a picture of the letter.

Watson posted a picture of the #HeForShe cufflinks on Instagram.

Carell responded to Watson on Twitter.

Aw! Too bad Carell has been married to his wife, Nancy Carell, since 1995. The couple has two children. But, we would love to see Watson and Carell in a movie together! LOL.