Breaking Hair News: Chrissy Teigen Goes Back to the Dark Side

Oscars 2015 - The Perfect Couple
Chrissy Teigen Avoids Crying on Camera, Shares Adorable Moments With Hubby John Legend

Chrissy Teigen has gone to the dark side. She’s really excited about it, we’re really excited about it, everyone on Instagram is really excited about it.

The 29-year-old swimsuit model posted a pic of the transformation (the above photo) to her Instagram, captioning it “LOOK WHAT IS HAPPENING”.

Teigen looked glam as a dirty blonde at the Oscars last weekend with hubby John Legend, and now she’s dark dark dark on set of a photo shoot in Playas de Sayulita, Mexico.

And she looks absolutely stunning in this pic hairstyle David Lopez posted of her, captioning it in part with the hashtags “#impulsive tendencies”, “#hairgoals” and “#sometimesacolorist”.

Hair goals indeed.

The bombshell posted this pic of her full-on brunette locks, writing “Hola from set!”

Chrissy Teigen is literally our spirit animal:

Utter. Perfection.