Two Llamas Went Loose in Arizona and Here’s How the Internet Responded

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All Hail Benjamin
Benjamin the pygmy goat is your new spirit animal.

The world offices paused for a good chunk of the afternoon on Thursday (Feb. 26, 2015) as two llamas decided to go for a little tour of the town of Sun City, Ariz.

As Bey and Jay (or, Thelma and Louise, whatever your heart desires) roamed parking lots, highways and enjoyed the sweet taste of freedom, humans chased after with all their might, lassos in hand.

It doesn’t matter that the friends were eventually caught. It doesn’t matter that the humans won, once again.

The llamas’ brief brush with freedom will now live on forever, thanks to the live feed of our dreams (from the local ABC affiliate). Folks, this is why the Internet was created. And this is why we should let llamas run free all the time. Here are some of the best reactions from this llama drama.




One of the best things to come out of this #LlamaChase #Llamas #Beyonce #JayZ #OnTheRun #Lol #BonnieAndClyde15

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