Why Did Naya Rivera Announce Her Pregnancy on Big Sean’s Album Release Date?

It’s very interesting that Naya Rivera announced her pregnancy on the same day her ex-fiancé Big Sean released his new album Dark Sky Paradise.

Naya Rivera Pregnant!
Naya Rivera is pregnant with her first child.

But while all of us were thinking she timed it perfectly to steal his spotlight, it truly is just one big coincidence, and Rivera’s hubby Ryan Dorsey explains why:

Apparently, someone who knew about the Glee actress’ pregnancy leaked it to the press, so the couple was forced to share the news earlier than expected… which happened to fall on the same day as Big Sean’s album release.

Though we’re almost as disappointed over this as we were to find out Sean’s song “IDFWU” wasn’t about his ex, we’re also sort of glad. Baby news should be special and not part of a feud!