Ariana Grande Narrowly Avoids Death After Stage Malfunction: “I Almost Died”

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You’re not a cat, Ariana Grande. You don’t have nine lives, so please stop tempting fate.

The “Problem” crooner narrowly avoided a serious injury (again) after her stage malfunctioned during the first concert on The Honeymoon Tour. While preparing to go on stage to perform “Love Me Harder” at her Kansas City, Mo. show, the platform that would lift the singer up onto the stage had started to rise prematurely, almost crushing Grande’s limbs as she held on for her life.

“She’s just dangling there and the thing’s going up,” a stagehand named Rufus explained in a tour video after the incident. “We were scared that she was going to get her arm caught or something. It would’ve been horrible.”

“I started climbing the side,” Grande chimed in. “I had one arm on the stage with the mic…and I was like, ‘Oh, I’ve got to keep singing.'”

“She kind of springboard herself up and I thought, ‘That’s it. Show’s over. We’re done,'” Rufus continued. “She picked the microphone up, walked up the stairs and started singing. I was like, ‘Badass. Toughest person I’ve ever met.'”

Though the rest of the performance went without a hitch, Grande was still shaken up by her close brush with death. After retreating backstage, the 21-year-old recounted what had transpired to her backup dancers.

“I almost died!” Grande exclaimed, before demonstrating how she got out of the snafu on a nearby scaffolding. Later, she also tweeted:

Watch Grande’s explanation, above, and her full performance — below.