‘Trouble’ Music Video: Iggy Azalea Dates a Jailbird, Jennifer Hudson Is a Sexy Badass Cop

6 Minutes of Pizza
Iggy Azalea can't stop talking about pizza.

Don’t mess with JHud, folks. If there’s one thing to take away from the new “Trouble” music video, starring Iggy Azalea and Jennifer Hudson, it’s that the latter should strongly consider playing a police officer in her next movie.

Other than that, the 3-minute clip contains more of the same antics from Ms. Azalea: hair flips, big arm gestures, big hair.

The premise is pretty straightforward: the rapper is dating a guy who ends up going to jail for robbing a bank. JHud does the honors in the arresting department. Azalea helps her man break free, a car chase ensues and the ladies spend a few moments singing and rapping beside each other. They even share a laugh.

Be sure to watch the whole thing for a little treat from JHud to I-G-G-Y in the closing seconds.