Jennifer Lawrence Shuts Down David O. Russell Feud Rumors

Jennifer Lawrence and director David O. Russell are NOT feuding, according to Jennifer Lawrence.

The 24-year-old actress took to Facebook to shut down rumors that she and the movie director got into a huge screaming match on the set of their new movie, Joy.

Earlier today, we told you about an alleged fight that went down on the Boston set of Joy yesterday, (Feb. 26, 2015). According to reports, Lawrence disapproved of the way O. Russell was directing a certain scene, and that lead to a heated argument between the two.

But, now Lawrence has made it clear things are okay on set.

She wrote on her Facebook page:

Hey guys!

It’s Jen! I know I don’t go on here a lot because I can barely work email but there’s been a terrible rumor going around the last 24 hours so I wanted to clear it up.

David O. Russell is one of my closest friends and we have an amazing collaborative working relationship. I adore this man and he does not deserve this tabloid malarkey. This movie is going great and I’m having a blast making it!

For a movie called Joy, this film definitely has a lot of drama surrounding it.