Taylor Swift Refuses to Talk About Katy Perry and Their Alleged Feud

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Sorry, folks. Don’t expect Taylor Swift to talk about her “Bad Blood” with Katy Perry in an interview anytime soon. She apparently doesn’t want to give the media anything to talk about or fuel any speculation.

About her alleged feud with the other pop star, the 25-year-old said to The Telegraph, “I’m not giving them anything to write about,” referring to the media.

“I’m not walking up the street with boys, I’m not stumbling out of clubs drunk,” she added. “But I’m never going to talk about her in my interview. It’s not going to happen.”


Despite Swift’s reputation for being super sweet (not to mention her squeaky-clean past), her and Perry have been embattled in a rift for the past couple of months and it all started with Perry’s tweet that alleged Swift is two-faced and mean like Regina George of Mean Girls.

Swift also spoke to the newspaper about whether or not she’s actually nice all the time, like it may appear that she is.

She explained,

No, because that’s annoying, too. And it’s not real if someone appears to never have any issues with anyone. I have my friends, I have enemies. I have bad days when I don’t want to go to a photo shoot, but I’m not going to show up four hours late, I’m going to be there on time. I’m not nice all the time but I try not to be carelessly rude to people who don’t deserve it.

She added. “When I’m with my friends, we don’t say glowing things about everybody. We’re not sitting around going ‘You know who’s really special and wonderful?’ That’s not what we talk about – we’re normal girlfriends.”

Whether or not Swift was referring to Katy Perry as someone her and her girlfriends shade, she wouldn’t make clear. Putting two and two together though, if she won’t speak about Perry in an interview, then what is going on between the two former friends?

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