Azealia Banks Gives Up Twitter (and, Therefore, Fame) for Lent

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Bye, Iggy!
Iggy Azalea quit Twitter last month.

First Iggy Azalea, and now this. Whatever is the Twitterverse to do?

Rapper Azealia Banks took to Twitter — a platform on which, over the years, she has encountered many, many problems — to announce that she is quitting Twitter. The catch? It’s for a limited time only.

While, for the next few weeks, you are struggling through chocolate withdrawals, Banks will be suffering through the urge to insult her contemporaries in 140 characters of less. That’s right, she’s giving up Twitter for Lent, because nothing brings you closer to God than removing yourself from social media. (Well, not all social media… Banks says she’ll still be posting to Instagram.)

Way back in 2011, Banks released the critically-acclaimed “212” and looked to have a promising career. After countless album delays and countless Twitter beefs, the public’s interest waned. Though Banks did eventually release her debut album, Broke With Expensive Taste, via a Beyoncé-like surprise iTunes release last fall, by then her reputation as a Twitter shit-stirrer was firmly established. What will become of Banks when she abandons the thing for which she is truly (in)famous? Only time — and Lent — shall tell.

If you’re worried you’ll miss Banks too much, rest assured: she’s covering Playboy‘s music issue, so you will at least have the opportunity to look at her naked soon, if you so choose.