Here’s That Gross Mentos and Coke Bathtub Video Everyone’s Been Talking About

Taylor and Olivia's Commercial
Remember Taylor Swift's Diet Coke ad?

There’s nothing quite like spending some cold hard cash on two of America’s favorite foods: Mentos and Coke Zero. A video experiment starring those two items is making the Internet rounds again, some 10 months after it was created because well, that’s how viral videos work sometimes.

In the video, a young man from Japan can be seen sticking many, many pieces of the Freshmaker using tape before dunking himself in a tub filled with many, many open bottles of Coke Zero.

If you’ve been following the Mentos and Coke headlines of the last 12 months, you’ll recall that a gentleman conducted a Mentos suit experiment last June (and survived to re-watch his Vine over and over again).


Watch the bathtub variety, above.


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