Chris Soules ‘The Bachelor’ Recap: Women Tell All

Chris Soules was put on the hot seat last night during The Bachelor: Women Tell All… But interestingly enough, it wasn’t the hunky Iowa farmer that got it the worst.

‘The Bachelor’ Recap, Week 8
Kaitlyn gets sent home from Bali.

Both Kelsey — the widow with the “amazing story” — and Britt — the hottie from Hollywood who might also be a two-faced liar — were also forced to confront the women during the cringe-worthy episode, and let’s just say no one held back.

Here are the top moments you missed:

1. Britt vs. Carly. The most awkward moment of the night goes to Britt and Carly. Britt (who started crying less than 30 seconds into the show) was asked to come up to the hot seat and explain whether or not she lied on The Bachelor. Of course Britt says she was completely genuine and admits that she believes Carly was the sole reason she was sent home. Between lots of eye-rolling and angry smirks, Carly finally says she “really likes Britt” and doesn’t “wish her ill will” — a comment the audience couldn’t help but laugh about. Basically, Jillian summed up the whole feud with one sentence: Carly’s insecurities shined through on the show and she took it out on other people, especially pretty little Britt.

2. Kelsey feels betrayed. Kelsey was second to join Chris Harrison in the hot seat and was completely mutilated, not only by the women but by the audience too. She says she felt betrayed by the girls in the house and thinks the only reason they didn’t like her was because she acted “condescending and used big words.” But the ladies were quick to respond that they didn’t like her because she diminished the importance of her husband’s death and manipulated her “amazing story” to get a rose from Chris. Playing devil’s advocate, Jillian reminded everyone that people grieve in different ways. (Ps. Kelsey also apologized and no one accepted… awkward).

3.  Ashley S. likes to ride bikes. So Ashley S. returned, and it was the best part of the whole night. Host Harrison asked if she was faking it on the show and wanted to know who the real Ashley is. Her response was utter perfection: “I like to ride bikes.” In other exciting news, Harrison also begged that she join the next season of The Bachelor in Paradise, which would be seriously f*cking awesome… But she never responded. Fingers crossed!

4. Chris disses Britt. After all the cat fighting, Chris finally comes on and gets a chance to talk to all the ladies, starting with Britt. First, Britt walks right up to him and gives him the longest, most uncomfortable embrace ever — enough time that the cameras were able to catch Carly eye rolling some more (of course). She sits down with him, takes his hand in hers and tells him that what Carly said was completely false. However, Chris swiftly responds that it wasn’t Carly who changed his mind… He simply didn’t see it working out with her. Ouch!

5. Kaitlyn deserves an answer. Kaitlyn also has a moment to chat with Chris. Though unlike Britt, she decides to do it from her seat amongst the other women. All she wants to know is why he made her sit through the last rose ceremony without even a hint that he wasn’t going to choose her. His response? “It was a coin toss at that moment.” … Not exactly the best answer. He quickly adds, “I did the best that I could.”

6. Jade wants Chris to shoot it to her straight. In his People blog, Chris admits he was “disturbed” to find out that Jade has two different sides: the one her family knows (the playmate) and the one he knows (shy and innocent). However, Chris never mentioned that to Jade, so she wanted some answers during the Women Tell All. Chris admits that using the word “disturbed” was probably not his best choice, but nonetheless he found it incredibly awkward to sit there and look at her nude photos and videos with the cameras rolling in front of them. “I’ve never looked at nude photos with a girl I’m dating,” he admits.

Also notable: in the bloopers, Whitney’s dog begins humping a toy, and that’s the most excitement we’ve seen in a segment about her all season.

The final episode of The Bachelor airs next Monday, Mar. 9th! Will he choose Becca or Whitney? Dun dun dun