Wiz Khalifa Slams Amber Rose in Juicy J’s ‘For Everybody’

Wiz Khalifa Slams Amber Rose
The rapper calls his estranged wife a "foul creature."
Wiz Khalifa's Diss Track
Wiz Khalifa seemingly blasts Amber Rose in "Pussy Overrated."

Wiz Khalifa has some heated words for his estranged wife — and the whole world can listen to them on his latest track with Juicy J.

In the freshly-released “For Everybody,” the rapper takes a dig at Amber Rose, rehashing his ex’s stripper past and essentially slut-shaming the mother of his child for posting risqué photos on her Instagram.

Khalifa raps on one verse:

I fell in love with a stripper / Funny thing is I fell back out of love quicker / They don’t pay attention to the love anyway / They only concerned with what the haters say / Bottles be turning these girls into thots / Instagram turning these wives into hos.

Khalifa, 27, and Rose, 31, have been fighting since splitting last year. The former couple of three years both accused one another of cheating. After Rose had filed for divorce asking for full custody of their son, Sebastian, Khalifa fired back claiming that the model is an unfit mother.

To add fuel to the feud flame, Khalifa previously teamed up with Future, who himself was also accused of infidelity by former fiancée Ciara, on a track called “Pussy Overrated” to seemingly blast Rose. In the song, Khalifa raps about a certain someone’s “overrated” vagina as Future croons, “After you strip naked, you’re supposed to fuck me like a star.”