Sharon Osbourne to Kim Kardashian: ‘North Isn’t an Accessory’

Sharon Osbourne isn’t pleased with Kim Kardashian.

The 62-year-old just sent some serious shade to Kardashian for dressing her daughter, North West, in fur. In an interview with Closer Magazine, Osbourne even accuses Kardashian of using her daughter, “as an accessory.”

Back in Feb. 2014, paparazzi took pictures of Kardashian’s daughter wearing a fur coat. When the pictures were released, many people grew angry with Kardashian for putting her daughter in real fur.

While the Kardashian family is known for wearing fur, Osbourne is extremely against it, and she had a thing or two to say about Kardashian’s fashion choices for her daughter. She told the magazine, “I know PETA has asked the Kardashians to stop. (North) isn’t an accessory — she shouldn’t be wearing ugly couture clothes.”

Osbourne went on to add, “(Fur) makes me physically sick, and wearing it is a very dated way of showing everyone how rich you are. Our grandparents did it, but now we’ve been educated, it’s cruel to keep the trade going.”

It’s interesting that Osbourne would make these comments because Kardashian is actually friends with Osbourne’s daughter, Kelly. Not only did she scold Kardashian, but she also went on to shade her family and their popularity.

Osbourne told the magazine, “We’re in the limelight as Ozzy is an international star, but their fame is built purely on beauty. Who do you know who has five stunning daughters? Every family has at least one dud! I’ve had Kendall on my show and she’s charming. And Kim has influenced a whole generation of young girls – it’s quite a responsibility … I respect and like them, but their morals are different to ours.”

We don’t think Kardashian will be appearing on The Talk anytime soon…

Here’s a picture of Osbourne and her daughter spending time with the Kardashians during the 2010 holidays.

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