Taylor Swift Grants Terminally Ill 4-Year-Old Her Last Wish Through Magic of FaceTime

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4-year-old cancer patient Jalene Salinas’s last wish was to “Shake it Off” with her idol Taylor Swift.

The hashtag #ShakeItOffJalene went viral, and on Monday, Swift made her little fan’s wish a reality with a surprise FaceTime conversation.

Although Jalene was not feeling well enough to dance with Swift through the magical FaceTime, Jalene’s face lit up at the sight of the pop star, and she and Taylor had a special 20-minute conversation.

See the video capturing the beautiful moment above.

“I’m so sorry you’re having a bad night, I’m so happy to talk to you though and I’m so happy you like ‘Shake It Off,'” Swift told Jalene.

“You look beautiful tonight, you really do. You’re just as pretty as your pictures,” said Swift.

Jalene has an aggressive form of brain cancer. Doctors found a malignant, untreatable brain tumor in April 2014, and ever since she’s been undergoing chemotherapy, and marking off her bucket list – which include wishes such as to see sand and snow, experience school, and go shopping at Toys R Us.

Actor Taye Diggs even helped to spread the awareness on Jalene’s last wishes:


Jalene’s mom Jennifer Arriagas, of San Antonio, Texas, told KENS5, “We can check everything off and as her mom it just, it means the world to me that she got to do and see [everything] and everything is checked off now. It means so much to me that [Swift] reached out to us.”

Arriagas wrote on her Facebook page today,
She was so excited to hear and see Taylor Swift on the phone. Taylor was so sweet and understanding as she heard Jalene crying in pain saying how bad her head hurt. I am so thankful for Taylor being able to make Jalene smile even for just a moment. When Jalene’s pain subsided a few hours after the call. She was talking about Taylor and how she was glad she could see her through the phone. She said she was so pretty. So again thank you Taylor Swift for reaching out to Jalene. ‪#‎ShakeitoffJalene‬