WATCH: Kendall Jenner Almost Crushed By Fans While Leaving Balmain Show in Paris

Kendall Jenner had a scary moment at Paris Fashion Week today, (March 5, 2015). 

After walking the runway at the Balmain show, Jenner was almost crushed by fans! The 19-year-old model was trying to get to her car when she was was met by a huge group of fans. The fans got very close to Jenner and surrounded her, making it impossible for her to walk.

The group got so close to Jenner that she was almost trampled! Luckily, Jenner’s driver was able to get her through the crowd, and you can see him rush her to safety in the video.

Watch the scary video above! Jenner appears to be okay after the incident, probably just a little shaken up.

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