RiCaprio Report: Never Mind, Leonardo DiCaprio and Rihanna Are ‘Just Friends’

"The Clingy One"
This RiCaprio Report is not to be missed.

Just when we were all ready to order our RiCaprio T-shirts, it looks like good ‘ol Leo is back to his good ‘ol habits. (Or maybe, he never got rid of them). Page Six is reporting that Leonardo DiCaprio spent last Friday at a party in Los Angeles getting up close and personal with someone not named Rihanna.

According to a trusty spy, DiCaprio, 40, was hanging out with a model:

“They went into this bedroom and sat on the bed and left the door open. Everybody was craning their neck to see. They were just lying in the bed, no one saw anything, but they did leave hand in hand.”

Hurts, doesn’t it? The thought of your dream couple slowly wilting away. For the final thorn, consider this statement from the actor’s rep, issued to the Los Angeles Times:

“[DiCaprio] is single and has been for some time.”

The rep also added that DiCaprio has been “focused” shooting Alejandro G. Inarritu’s The Revenant in Canada “for months.”

Make of that, what you will.

This latest RiCaprio news comes just days after TMZ unveiled the first photos of DiCaprio attending RiRi’s birthday party last month. Nothing major came from the photos (they were just standing near each other), but a party source did claim that Rihanna was “following” the actor everywhere.