Watch Chris Hemsworth and Hugh Jackman Play Musical Chairs with Beer and Fake Mullets

Chris' SNL Promos
Chris Hemsworth dirty dances and makes it snow. Yup.

Chris Hemsworth looks good doing anything, wearing anything. So to no one’s surprise, The Tonight Show’s hot level skyrocketed on Thursday when the actor joined fellow Aussie Hugh Jackman for a little game of musical beers.

Hemsworth is, of course, in town and hanging out in the same building as Jimmy Fallon because of Saturday Night Live. This week’s host didn’t arrive to The Tonight Show alone — Colin Jost, Bobby Moynihan, and the great Kate McKinnon also joined in on the musical fun. Fake mullets were also involved, because why not?

Watch the game, above, to see who won last night (and who kinda sorta cheated).