Friday Fashion Flashback: Kristen Stewart’s Style Evolution

It’s safe to say Kristen Stewart — now the face of high-fashion brands like Chanel — has come a long way since her skinny-jeans-and-tennis-shoe-wearing days… Well, sort of. She still can’t lose the sneakers.

K. Stew Makes History
Kristen Stewart makes history earning a César award...

Nonetheless the 24-year-old actress has stepped up her style over the last year, managing to look chic as hell at pretty much all of her public appearances. From menswear to girly frocks, K. Stew has proven time and time again that she really can pull anything off.

However, it wasn’t always that way. The actress has really come into her style lately and her stylist says it’s due to the fact that she’s open to trying new things (except getting rid of her sneakers). “She’s really comfortable with all this stuff. The beauty of her is that she really is a chameleon,” Tara Swennen  reveals. “She’ll go from wearing dresses to suits and as long as she can wear sneakers with it, she’s good.”

Launch the gallery above to see her full style evolution over the years!