Somebody Is Willing to Pay $60,100 for a Bag of ‘Air’ from Kanye West’s Yeezus Tour

And today in strange news…more than one person on ebay is willing to pay a lot of money for a souvenir bag of air from one of Kanye West’s 2013 Yeezus tour concerts. A lot, as in $60,100.

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Dressed in all black, the duo looked excited to be in Paris for Fashion Week.

Simply labled “Air from Kanye show”, the plastic bag is now unlisted on ebay, but had over 90 bids before it was taken down.

Here’s proof of the, ahem, insane memorabilia:

Kanye west, ebay, bag of air, yeezus tour, concert, $60,000

It was listed on Sunday (March 1, 2015) with a starting price of $5.00 by Pennsylvanian ebay user stangeedon1. Despite it being pretty obvious, written in the description box was, “Held bag open and sealed air in.”

Plus, the shipping is a bargain: only $3.58!

West’s wife Kim Kardashian is equally stunned by the product’s demand, writing on Twitter,

If you’re upset that this bag of Kanye air is no longer listed on ebay, not to worry. There are plenty of other bags of air from a Yeezus concert just like it for which you could be the lucky owner…even though there’s no way to really tell if the so-called Yeezus tour air is authentic.

Exhibit A:

Kanye west, ebay, bag of air, yeezus tour, concert, $60,000, flatulence

This bag of “Flatulence (gas) From Kanye” is listed for $5.00.

Exhibit B:

Kanye west, ebay, bag of air, yeezus tour, concert, $60,000

This one has 5 bids as of Saturday (March 7, 2015), and 6 days left. Current bid? $10,100. People do not mess around when it comes to tour memorabilia.

If bags of air from concerts aren’t your thing and you enjoy normal tour memorabilia like t-shirts and posters, then no harm, no foul.