Chris Pratt and Chris Evans Fulfill Their Super Bowl Bet and Visit a Children Hospital, Round Two

Chris Pratt and Chris Evans are continuing to make good on their Super Bowl bet, and it’s truly inspiring.

The duo visited Seattle Children’s Hospital on Saturday (March 7, 2015) to bring joy to several of the young patients there.

Instead of betting money on the big game, Evans and Pratt bet that the loser has to dress up in character and visit the winner’s charity of choice. Pratt ultimately lost the Super Bowl bet when the New England Patriots won the title over the Seattle Seahawks, but both superheroes are showing their incredible sportsmanship.

Last month, in true team spirit, Pratt dressed as Star-Lord and they visited Christopher’s Haven, a Boston-based charity for children with cancer. This time, it was Evans’s turn to dress up in his character, Captain America.

Seattle Hospital tweeted several heartwarming photos.

These two really are some sweet superheroes.  Together, they’ve helped raise $27,000 for Seattle’s Children and  Christopher’s Haven. Fans can continue to donate through the end of the week by texting TEAMPRATT to 501501.