Lena Dunham Won’t Marry Jack Antonoff Until Everyone Can Get Married in All 50 States, Talks ‘Scandal’

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The ever-charming Lena Dunhamappeared on The Ellen Degeneres Show (airing today, March 9, 2015) to talk about her guest appearance on Scandal (and “Scandal pace”), getting to know Portia de Rossi on set, and marrying boyfriend, fun. guitarist Jack Antonoff.

On Scandal and hanging out with de Rossi, Dunham said, “Portia and I actually got to share a golf cart to set. We weren’t in any scenes together, but we were both trying furiously to learn our lines. And talk really fast. Like I talked the fastest I could possibly talk and then they said, faster.”

Anyone who’s seen the Shonda Rhimescreated drama knows what Scandal pace is.

The Girls creator added, “I couldn’t believe it. But I actually developed while on the set of “Scandal” the biggest take away that I had was that your wife has the best eyebrows in the business.”

With a laugh, Dunham explained, “I was quizzing her to the point where she must have been uncomfortable. I was like how did you do that. Do you have extensions? What are you, and she was like no I’ve just been blessed with these eyebrows. And I talked about them so much that the hair and makeup people actually gave me a serum like a eyebrow Rogaine that’s supposed to help them get. I wonder if maybe because she grew up in Australia she didn’t feel the same pressure that many of us felt in the nineties to have thin, thin, thin eyebrows.”

About her own eyebrows, Dunham said comically, “My sister says they look like balding caterpillars when I don’t do anything.”

Dunham, in a nice wig, posted this pic of her and Kerry Washington to her Instagram. FYI, she’ll be on the March 19th episode.

As for Dunham’s future with Jack Antonoff, Degeneres commented, “You and Jack, here’s the one thing I want to say that I admire very much. Is that you’re very happy and very in love and you will not get married until it’s legal for everyone to get married in all 50 states.”

Dunham, whose sister Grace Dunham is a lesbian, expressed her hopes for the future, adding, “It’s something that the idea of having a celebration that can’t be fully shared among all the people in my life and all the people that we love just doesn’t really feel like a celebration at all. So until that’s something that everyone can join into with no sense of being left out on any level, politically, emotionally, its just not something that we’re gonna do.”

Lastly, Degeneres gifted the actress with something sexier than a onesie (which she gifted her with last time Dunham was on the show) because “Jack didn’t think it was sexy he thought it was not sexy at all.”

Watch the video above to see Lena’s entire interview, and to check out her magical present.

Dunham also posted this cute pic of Ellen’s other guest of the day, Empire‘s Jussie Smollett:


What a day of blessings cuz I met @jussiesmollett aka JAMAL at Ellen and oh shit, he smells as good as he sounds


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