Makeup-Free Monday: Lorde is Naturally Beautiful

Last year, Lorde pointed out loud and clear that her pictures are often photoshopped — even going as far as taking a makeup-free selfie with her acne cream on her face —  in order remind her fans that she, too, has flaws, and those flaws are okay.

J. Law Goes Makeup-Free
Jennifer Lawrence goes all natural while filming in Boston...

Well, imperfections or not, the 18-year-old is a natural beauty. She took to Instagram a few days ago to share the photo above without any makeup on, and all we see is ***FLAWLESS.

Seriously, someone get us the name of whatever acne cream she was using before because it definitely looks like it paid off! There is not one, single blemish on her face… And for an 18-year-old, that’s a miracle! #Jealous.

Launch the gallery above to see more celebrities without any makeup on.