Miley Cyrus Mocks Kim Kardashian’s Bleached Blonde Hair in New Pic

Miley Cyrus can’t stop mocking people on Instagram.

In the 22-year-old singer’s latest parody pic, she’s poking fun at Kim Kardashian’s new platinum bleached blonde hair. Check out the photo below!

Cyrus loves going on social media to address the latest happenings in the celebrity world. When Justin Bieber premiered his Calvin Klein ads, Cyrus went on Instagram to share her own version of the ads. When pregnancy rumors about Cyrus started going around, she went on Instagram to make fun of the rumors, and shut them down.

Now, Cyrus is mocking Kardashian’s new platinum bleached blonde hair (which she just dyed even lighter). It’s actually a similar color to Cyrus’ own hair.

Cyrus posted the picture below to Instagram in which she’s bleaching Kardashian’s hair. Cyrus’ face looks worried and Kardashian is making her infamous crying face.

The picture was actually made by one of Cyrus’ fans and she clearly liked it so much she decided to post it herself.