50 Cent’s 2-Year-Old Son Makes More Money Than You

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Whether you’re busting your ass working retail gig or wasting away in an office cubicle, just know that 50 Cent’s son, Sire Jackson, is still making way more money than you’ll ever see in your poor, pathetic life.

The rapper’s two-year-old has landed a modeling contract to the tune of $700,000, according to the “In Da Club” hitmaker himself. Yes, you read that correctly: his toddler, who has yet to be grade school, is making six figures.


“He’s got a [modeling] deal now with Kidz Safe,” 50 Cent tells Angie Martinez during an interview on Power 105.1. “It’s an audio company. They paid him a big payment too: $700,000.”

“He’ll get $700,000 to be the face of the company. Already, he’s making his own money,” the 39-year-old patriarch continues. “[The money] goes into a trust. He can’t even touch it until he turns 18.”

My little guy is learning fast. He looks at me and I feel like I gotta win. #SMSAUDIO #FRIGO

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He adds, “I was ready to say, ‘This is your college fund.’ But I’ve got to handle that part and let him have the [$700,000].”

High-rolling baby Sire is the rapper’s child with ex-girlfriend Daphne Joy. 50 Cent, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, is also the father to a teenage son named Marquise from his relationship with Shaniqua Tompkins.