WATCH: Kanye West and John Legend Performing ‘Gold Digger’ in 2003 Is Pure Vintage Gold

Kanye West's New Album
Kanye West has revealed the name for his new album, friends.

If the new Kanye West music you’ve been hearing these days has only made you long for old Kanye (ie. his Late Registration days), try this vintage video on for size.

Unearthed over the weekend, this early version of “Gold Digger” is from the Dynamic Producer Conference in 2003, featuring a 25-year-old West and his pal John Legend (who had a full head of hair at the time).


The song would not drop for another two years, with some help from Jamie Foxx. “Gold Digger” went on to win a Best Rap Solo Performance Grammy, along with top spots on multiple music charts, including the US Billboard Hot 100.

Watch and reminisce about baby Kanye — and a time when Reese’s Pieces t-shirts were cool — above.