WATCH: Michelle Rodriguez Talks Rihanna and the Multi-cultural Cast of ‘Furious’ on VIBE

Michelle Rodriguez on Romance
Michelle Rodriguez talks about her dating life.

In this exclusive video interview in anticipation of the FF7 premiere, VIBE magazine asks Michelle Rodriguez (one of our favorite model-dating party girls with an action-film habit), “If you could add any one actor or actress to the franchise, who would it be?”

Her response?… “Rihanna.”

Rodriguez classifies “RiRi” as being part of that “urban world” in which she feels like there’s a whole “crew” of motorcycle riders (like Eve and the Ruff Ryders, and the “Bad Girl” represents “a mixture of that with a punk twist.”

On why she feels the FF7 franchise has been so unprecedentedly successful, Rodriguez feels it’s due to the multi-cultural cast being “global” and “relatable.” She says “whether the audience member is Black, Spanish, Asian or Eastern European they’ve got something to look at… It’s very rare in Hollywood.”

You can read the full interview here, and watch the full video interview below!