Nick Jonas and Tinashe Are Officially Leaving Iggy Azalea’s Postponed Tour

Nick Jonas Has a Big Announcement!
Kids Choice Awards, here he comes.

If you thought Iggy Azalea was in severe trouble when she announced that she’s postponing her Great Escape Tour yesterday, think again.

Both of Azalea’s opening acts, Nick Jonas and Tinashe, are now officially out, meaning she’s only got a couple months to find some replacements.

The Great Escape Tour was supposed to kick off in mid-April and is now rescheduled for September. Because of the delay, it looks like Jonas and Tinashe have run into scheduling conflicts…possibly because they are planning to go on tour solo this spring?

Jonas tweeted, with an air of mystery,

Likewise, Tinashe tweeted out,

Both Jonas and Tinashe seem to have something in the works. We’ll see Jonas as host of the Kids Choice Awards on March 28, 2015, and perhaps the heartbreaker will let slip his plans then. 

Meanwhile in Azalea’s camp, the creative team is hard at work behind the scenes and are delayed in production, resulting in the postponement rather than a cancellation, as previously speculated.

Iggy also recently decided to take a break from social media (both her Instagram and her Twitter are now run by her management team), and there’s no word on when we can expect her back.

Between quitting social media and her other feuds, the rapper’s year has had a rocky start, but here’s to looking forward to her fall tour!