#WCW: 10 Pics That Will Make You Fall for ‘Cinderella’ Star Lily James

‘Cinderella’ Trailer: When Prince Charming Met ‘Servant Girl’
Disney has unveiled the latest trailer for "Cinderella."

Lily James is quickly becoming one of the “It” girls in Hollywood.

The 25-year-old actress won the lead role in the new Cinderella movie, and she one of the stars on the hit show, Downton Abbey. If you don’t already know about James, you soon will. We gathered some of the cutest pics of James that we think will make you fall in love with the actress. Check out the gallery to see why she’s our #WCW.

James is currently on a promotional tour for her new movie, and as she does all of these appearances, more and more people are becoming familiar with her.

So, since James’ career is on fire, we think she’s the perfect choice for #WCW. Need more convincing? Take a look at our gallery to see 10 pics that will make you fall for James. From the pictures, it’s clear that James loves to laugh and have a good time.

Launch the gallery to see all of the photos!

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