Leonardo DiCaprio Donates $50,000 to Adrian Grenier’s Kickstarter Search for a Lonely Whale

Leo Loves Planet Earth
Inside Leo DiCaprio's environmentally friendly weekend.

Let’s take a break from the RiCaprio Report and talk about Leonardo Dicaprio’s environmental side for a second.

On Wednesday night, the bearded actor came to Adrian Grenier’s rescue when the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation donated $50,000 to fulfill his pal’s Kickstarter campaign for the documentary 52: The Search for the Loneliest Whale.

Grenier and filmmaker Joshua Zeman are on a mission to find a “rare hybrid whale known as 52 Hertz” that emits calls “at a frequency no other whale can understand.”

DiCaprio’s pledge came at a key time — when the Kickstarter fund was some $22,000 away from its $300,000 goal. And because generosity goes a long way, Grenier challenged his fans and the world to get the project to $400,000.

The challenge was accepted, of course. Grenier and Zeman’s Kickstarter, which officially closed Thursday morning, now has a total of $405,937.

This is truly an amazing day. I am so deeply grateful to have you as friends and know that you are compassionate and sensitive to care for other living beings. Over 3000 of you have come to let @lonelywhale know that we are listening and his call of conservation will not fall on deaf ears. Also, we are joined by The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation who has heard YOUR call, and has generously donated $50k to the campaign. Being in such good company is a testament to our goals, as theirs align with ours to foster a harmonious relationship between humanity and the natural world. Please don’t stop now. 15 hours left. Let’s get to 400k, why not? The oceans are big, and need all the help they can get and our scientists will have more resources to get their job done; more days at sea, and better equipment. Thank you soooo much.

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Dearest lonely whale, get ready for some (good looking) human company.