FYI: Eva Mendes Has Instagram Now

Eva's Post-Baby Body
Eva Mendes is ***flawless at a new fashion shoot.

Eva Mendes’ first Instagram post is nothing short of amazing, folks.

For those looking for a photo of the Hitch actress and longtime love (ie. not your boyfriend) Ryan Gosling, continue looking. For those looking for the first photo of the couple’s baby daughter, Esmeralda Amada, continue looking.

For her first post, Mendes went way back:

Mendes, who just celebrated her 41st birthday, was just in New York City last month shooting a campaign for New York & Company. The new mom, who gave birth to Esmeralda in September, is also the cover girl for the April 2015 issue of Women’s Health.

“I believe there is a public self and a private self,” she tells the magazine. “My sisters and my good friends are experiencing that now [with] Facebook and Instagram. When they freak out about a friend of theirs posting a bad picture of them, I’m like, ‘Well, imagine how I feel! Get used to it!’”

Does this mean we will only get gorgeous photos of Eva Mendes on her new Instagram account? Let’s face it, there are only gorgeous photos of Eva Mendes…

Follow her at @evamendes.

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