WATCH: This Is the Sh*ttiest Episode of ‘Jeopardy’ Ever

Lame 'Jeopardy'
This is the most boring 'Jeopardy' story ever.
Bey on 'Jeopardy'
Bow down, Queen Bey got a category all to herself.

One really is the loneliest number. Just ask Kristin, who entered Thursday’s Final Jeopardy all by herself.

Alex Trebek called the episode “not one of our greatest days,” as the audience bid adieu to fellow contestants Brad and Stephanie, whose red numbers were more embarrassing than a surprise zit on class picture day.

Speaking of Stephanie, didn’t anyone tell her that a spot on Jeopardy was a once in a lifetime opportunity to hang out with Alex Trebek, show off some mad skills and win big money? $2,000 gone. Twice. Just like that.

Anyway, back to Kristin. We’ll see her back on the program on Friday night. Let’s just hope she’s not thinking about that $1,600 she missed out on…

Watch it all go terribly down (almost to Saturday Night Live celebrity Jeopardy level), above.

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