Rob Kardashian Is Now Trying to Bone Scott Disick

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Scott Disick, Rob Kardashian

Kourtney Kardashian better watch her back! Her brother, Rob Kardashian, is coming after her man!

A text message conversation has been revealed, and it shows Rob asking Scott Disick if he wants to sleep with him. Check out the screenshot of the conversation below.

The Kardashians love to mess around with each other, and it’s a constant joke that Scott is sleeping with one of the other Kardashian sisters (Khloé and Kendall). So, now it’s time for the Rob/Scott rumors to begin.

Kourtney just posted a screenshot of the conversation to Instagram. You can see the texts start with Rob asking Scott, “Down to f**k me” and then Scott replies, “Sure but gently.” LOL.


Just a “totally normal” convo for the Kardashian family!