Nine Times Miley Cyrus Made Fun of Hollywood on Instagram

Miley and Pat's "Baby"
This is what Miley Cyrus' baby could look like...

Miley Cyrus loves displaying her pleasure in poking fun at Hollywood on her Instagram page. If you follow her, you know she is a fan of memes that makes fun of celebrities, rumors, and more.

Some of Cyrus’ favorite stars to spoof on are (no surprise here) Kim Kardashian and Justin Beiber. She’s kind of sort of poked fun at herself, too, so she’s not completely against Hollywood.

The 22-year-old pop star is known to be inappropriate at times but lately, she’s taken her clowning on Instagram to a whole new level. Most of her posts are done by her fans who hysterically photoshop the “Adore” singer’s face on to other celebrities’ photos, making fun of rumors or just simply their image. It appears that Cyrus isn’t afraid of sharing these pictures on her profile and her fans love seeing their work on the star’s page.

If you haven’t followed Miley on her Instagram yet, maybe these funny pics will make you want to. Launch the gallery above to view the hilarious memes.



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