Kathy Griffin Calls ‘Fashion Police’ a ‘Dog Pile’

Kathy Slams 'Fashion Police'
Kathy Griffin has a few things to say about how the show is being handled.
Kelly Supports Kathy
Kelly Osbourne says she's "proud" of Kathy Griffin for leaving 'Fashion Police.'

Kathy Griffin isn’t done airing out her grievances about Fashion Police just yet.

The comedienne, who announced she was leaving the E! series last week after only seven episodes, took to The View on Monday to explain her departure. Likening the show to a “dog pile,” the 54-year-old reasoned that her sense of humor didn’t jive well with the format the producers already had in place.

“As a feminist and a comic, it just didn’t feel like the right fit to me,” she said. “I was being forced to comment about pictures of beautiful women in perfect dresses and say kind of bad things.”

“I was hoping that we could talk about the events themselves and the shows. I didn’t want to say that Meryl Streep didn’t look great, because she looked great. Sometimes it just felt disingenuous to me,” Griffin continued. “Certainly in my repertoire I’ve said heinous things, I’m well aware of that.”

She added, “[But] I wouldn’t hold up a picture of Kim Kardashian and say, ‘She’s ugly! Goodnight!’ I wouldn’t hold up a picture of Oprah [Winfrey] and say, ‘She’s fat! Goodnight!'”

According to Griffin, who replaced the late Joan Rivers when the comedy legend passed away last year, she was told that the show would take on a new direction with a lineup change prior to signing her contract. It was only when she started filming Fashion Police that she realized the producers were not going switch up their format.

“I was told that they would happily sign on to my style and all that other stuff,” Griffin said, adding that she “didn’t really know” the show wasn’t going to change until she had accepted the position. “My style is improvisational and off the cuff. They have a formula that worked so well with Joan and so well for so long and it just didn’t fit my thing … They had a very strict lane they wanted to be in.”

Griffin also insisted that she had no idea co-host Giuliana Rancic would make the infamous “patchouli oil and weed” comment about Zendaya that sparked such a backlash that Kelly Osbourne would threatened to quit. Osbourne since followed through on her threat and left the show just weeks before Griffin’s exit.

“I didn’t know she was going to say that because some dud wrote that for her,” Griffin said about Rancic’s controversial remark. “Honestly, I think that everyone should’ve just improvised. She said it and I was trying to be a team player. The show is very formulaic and that’s how they like it. It’s just not my thing.”

With support from her celebrity friends, Griffin claimed the departure from E! was amicable despite reports that she was going to be fired, saying, “They were very nice to me. They weren’t mean or evil.”