Yep, Kendall and Kylie Jenner Are Making Their Own Mobile Game

Better make some room on your phone: Kendall and Kylie Jenner will soon have an app for you to download.

Specifically, the pair are following the footsteps of their sister, Kim Kardashian, and developing their own mobile game. The announcement was made via Twitter on Tuesday morning (Mar. 17, 2015):

Kendall, 19, and Kylie, 17, are already part of “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood“, along with momager Kris Jenner. As reported earlier this year, the app, released last June, has made some $43 million in the third quarter. (A little shy of the projected $200 million, but still, we’re talking millions, folks).

News of Kendall and Kylie’s mobile game comes just weeks after it was reported that a reality TV series starring just the sisters is in the works at E! According to a Variety source, the spinoff is “on the drawing board.”

Let’s hope this latest celebrity app fares better than Lindsay Lohan’s attempt, “The Price of Fame.”