Celebrate Adam Levine’s 36th Birthday with 10 Swoonworthy ‘The Voice’ GIFs

Singing Dog
Watch this canine sing Maroon 5's 'Animals'

Happy Birthday, Adam Levine!! *heart eyes*

The “Sugar” singer turns 36 today.

These days, you can catch Maroon 5’s lead vocalist twice a week as man candy a coach on NBC’s The Voice. Other panelists include Pharrell, Blake Shelton, and Christina Aguilera, who just returned to the show for season eight.

In honor of Levine’s big day, we’ve turned to some of the best The Voice GIFs to describe our everyday situations.

1. When you tell your mom you’re going back to sleep for “five more minutes”:


2. When you see your crush but you’re too afraid to say hi to them:


3. When you make eye contact with a slice of pizza:


4. When your Head and Shoulders shampoo isn’t working:


5. When you’re watching a movie with your parents and a sex scene comes on:


6. When someone’s talking smack to you and you have an awesome comeback:


7. When you’re trying to catch the next bus to Bikini Bottom:


8. When Chipotle forgets to charge you extra for guacamole:


9. When’re walking by a mirror and you catch a glimpse of yourself:


10. When you run out of wine and then you realize the liquor store is closed:



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