Kim Kardashian Thinks Changing Her Hair Color Will Get Her Pregnant

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It’s no secret that Kim Kardashian is trying for Baby No. 2. but after admittedly having too much sex, the reality star says it’s time for her to change things up.

“I’ve done everything so perfect to try and get pregnant,” she tells E! News about her struggle to be impregnated by Kanye West again. “There’s a list of things you shouldn’t be doing and I was perfect for eight to 10 months and now I don’t understand.”

For the mom-of-one, she plans to switch things up in the baby-making department. In fact, Kardashian attributes her recent drastic hair color change as a step towards invigorating her mojo.

“I’m going to do everything that I want to do and that includes going platinum,” she explains. “Hopefully I will get pregnant doing all the wrong things. I’m totally changing my tactics.”

“Literally teenagers on meth get pregnant in two seconds,” she jokes “It’s crazy. When you don’t want to be pregnant, it happens.”

Kardashian adds, “I’m over it. I’m over trying, overthinking it, hence why I dyed my hair blonde.”