Kris Jenner Does Spring Break in Cancun with Melanie Griffith and Dakota Johnson

Kris Jenner is celebrating the single life in Cancun with new BFF and gal pal Melanie Griffith and Griffith’s daughter, the amazing Dakota Johnson, along with the hoards of other horny college students in Mexico for Spring Break. Whether the gals are getting all Fifty Shades or not is unknown.

Jenner, 59, reportedly dumped her rebound, 34-year-old Corey Gamble, a while ago, and is now taking part in an Eat, Pray, Love-esque girlfriend’s trip with Griffith, 57 (with all the #blessed, #anotherdayinparadise hashtags, what else would you call it?).

Insiders have told E!, however, that Jenner is in fact still dating Gamble and the vacation is not any sort of post-breakup retreat.

Griffith has been single since her divorce from Antonio Banderas in 2014, and Johnson recently split from her boyfriend Matthew Hitt.

The gal pals (clarification: Griffith and Jenner) have been spending much quality time on the beach together, documenting it well on Instagram.

25-year-old Johnson has sadly, but expectedly, not been taking part in her mother and Jenner’s social media frolicking (but TMZ confirms that she’s there). We wouldn’t want to be part of any #MILF social media activity if we were her, either.

Griffith added this pic of Jenner, captioning it, “My beautiful friend @krisjenner.”

My beautiful friend @krisjenner

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Jenner also added this selfie, commenting on it, “Sunset vibes with @melanie_griffith57 #amazing #blessed #beautiful #friendship.” 

Sunset vibes with @melanie_griffith57 #amazing #blessed #beautiful #friendship A photo posted by @krisjenner on

What happens in Mexico…

Heaven on earth

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Shady…..#anotherdayinparadise #blessed

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