Instant Follow Friday: Cara Delevingne aka Dream Girl, Fashion Icon and Inspirational Rebel

‘Paper Towns’ Trailer: Cara Delevingne Is a Miracle (with an American Accent)
The trailer for your future favorite coming-of-age drama is here.

Model of the moment Cara Delevingne is also perhaps one of the fashion industry’s biggest goofballs, making her all the more charming amidst the less interesting style-mongers who hype for life and the daily fad fodder. Not only does she clear the air for originality, acceptance, letting your freak flag fly, and doing whatever the hell you want in spite of what other people might think of you, she’s also becoming something of a triple threat. Can you say “smitten”.

Rumored to be recording a song with Beyoncé (no big deal), Delevingne first showed off her singing prowess in Karl Lagerfeld’s short film for Chanel entitled Reincarnation, in which she stars alongside Pharrell.

The duo became full-on royalty and sang “CC the World.”

Additionally, Delevingne is starring in the soon-to-be released Paper Towns (specifically, it hits the theaters on July 24, 2015), based off John Green’s fan favorite book of the same name. Judging by the trailer, which was released today, it’s going to become your new favorite coming-of-age drama.

Even better is that Delevingne plays a manic pixie dream girl type named Margot and has an American accent.

Acting chops? Check. Musically inclined? CHECK. A drop-dead gorgeous gone-bananas-but-we-love-it rebel model? TRIPLE check.

We’ve got to hand it to Delevingne; quirky is sexy, and she’s something akin to our dream girl.

Previously linked to Michelle Rodriguez (they had a brief yet magical whirlwind romance last year, which took place at home at a basketball game and abroad in Mexico), now Delevingne is reportedly dating totally cool chick St. Vincent aka Annie Clark.

Swooning hard.

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