WATCH: Ariana Grande Does a Perfect Celine Dion Impression and ‘Ew!’ Sketch with Jimmy Fallon

When she’s not being carried around like a baby or being annoyingly adorable and PDA-friendly with boyfriend Big Sean, Ariana Grande certainly knows how to remind everyone that aside from being one of the music industry’s greatest divas (still looking at you, Mariah Carey), she’s actually got the singing chops to boot.

Grande was on the air of Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show last night, sitting down for an interview for the first time (rather than just appearing as a musical act).

Fallon heard that she’s good at doing impressions, and asked that she channel another diva: Celine Dion.

And man did she deliver! Grande’s impression is spot on, from her Canadian French accent to her chest pounding. Watch her belt out a spontaneous duet of “Beauty and the Beast” with Fallon in the video above.

Grande and Fallon also made a great comedy duo, as displayed by their “Ew!” sketch in which they battle it out in a sing-off. Shout out to Fallon’s tween-girl accent and Grande’s surprising attraction to Richard Dreyfuss.

See their “Ew!” sketch in the video below, and check out Ariana Grande’s Celine Dion impression above.