Rihanna Alludes to Dating Chris Brown: ‘I Fell In Love with the Beast’

Rihanna handed her ex Chris Brown a subtle yet flawless dig during a press junket for her upcoming movie Home, and it sure was accurate.

Brown may have gotten off of hi probation after 6 years yesterday, but that doesn’t mean he’s necessarily an awesome dude.

Rihanna, 27, sat down for a promotional interview with co-stars Steve Martin and Jim Parsons when the trio were asked about their favorite animated movies growing up.

Rihanna joked, “I fell in love with the Beast,” from Disney’s 1991 classic Beauty and the BeastShe continued, “Pretty much my dating record so far.”


Parsons then chimed in, “Let’s go there, shall we?”

Or let’s not. Rihanna didn’t name any names or anything, but there was no need. Rihanna and Brown’s on and off-again violent relationship was one of those hard-to-watch, celebrity fairytale romances gone terribly wrong.

That’s thing about fairy tale romances and reality…