Sorry Ladies, Justin Bieber’s Fallen For an ‘Esther’

Biebs in Trouble Again
Remember his egging incident?

When you’re 21 and (barely) survive your first Roast, you reward yourself with only great things. For Justin Bieber, that thing is named Esther.

No, we’re not referring to a new girlfriend, tattoo, or ride. We’re talking about the cutest little bundle of joy to ever walk this planet (sorry, North West):

Between Esther’s little ears, eyes and nose, and Bieber’s owl tattoo, this has got to be one of the most adorable composites to live on Instagram.

Let’s hope Esther the Yorkie fares better than Mally the Monkey. Remember Malley the Monkey?

Anyway, according to some hard core Beliebers, it appears that Esther Bieber already has her own Instagram account:


And that’s all we have for this edition of the luckiest pets in the world Celebrity Pet News.