Some People Are Saying That John Mayer ‘Fell Out of Love’ With Katy Perry

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It’s over between Katy Perry and John Mayer — and rumor has it that it’s all the latter’s fault.

Though they got back together in January, word has it through the grapevine that the couple quietly split again have this month following a very brief reconciliation because Mayer is no longer interested in pursuing a relationship with Perry.

A source tells E! News that their latest breakup is due to a “lack of emotional interest on [Mayer’s] end” and that he “fell out of love with Perry but will always love her.” The insider also says that the “Your Body Is a Wonderland” singer has been telling his close friends that the relationship is “over for good.”

Previously, reports claimed that Mayer, 37, and Perry, 30, had called it quits for the second time due to both their busy schedule. According to Radar Online, the two had reunited during a break in Perry’s Prismatic World Tour schedule but parted ways once the “Roar” songstress returned to the road.

“The reason they have split in the past is because Katy gets busy,” a source claimed. “John can’t handle the lack on attention, and she can’t handle the trust issues she has when she’s so far away. So they’ve learned that it’s better to just take a break when they can’t be in the same place.”

The on-again, off-again couple initially started dating in the summer of 2012, but soon split after a few months. The two allegedly got back together in 2013 before splitting in early 2014 due to cheating allegations.