Rehab Patient Scott Disick Spotted at Local Nightclubs

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Well, that was quick.

Scott Disick, who was admitted into a rehabilitation facility in Costa Rica last week for addiction issues, was already spotted indulging in the nightlife of the tropical locale just days after checking in.

Amid rumors that he’s planning to leave rehab, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star was spotted at not one, but two bars. According to TMZ, Disick hit up a hotspot called Rouge and another named Vertigo over the weekend. Though Tte 31-year-old reportedly kept a low profile in a baseball cap and dark t-shirt, he was accompanied by a bodyguard all night.

While Disick was out enjoying the local nightclubs, his longtime girlfriend, Kourtney Kardashian, was in Las Vegas having girls’ night out. While hanging out at Marquee with gal pals, the mother-of-three told People that rehab for Disick would help strengthen their relationship.

“He is doing well. I think the thing that’s most important to me is just his commitment to working on himself. If somebody doesn’t want to make changes then that’s really hard,” she said. “He is learning so much about himself and growing, and so that’s really amazing to see. When he’s working on himself it only betters our relationship.”

Disick checked into Rythmia Life Advancement Center just two day after an alleged tequila-fueled bender in Atlantic City on March 14. Around 8 a.m. the morning after, he was found wandering the hotel lobby still inebriated with no shoes on.

According to New York Daily News, Disick was allegedly paid to go into rehab.