Farrah Abraham Wants ‘To Do Plastic Surgery’ in the Future

Farrah Wants Butt Implants
Farrah Abraham plans to get some more junk in her trunk.
Farrah Talks Lip Injections
Farrah Abraham explains what went wrong with her botched lip injections.

Despite having already undergone two boob jobs and a botched lip injections procedure, Farrah Abraham is still interested in plastic surgery.

According to the MTV star turned porn actress person whose “sex tape” was “leaked” twice, her next big career goals involve more sex toys and beauty enhancements.

“I’ve taken a break after finishing the trilogy that I finished and I don’t know if I’ll do literary soon. But then there’s other novelty toys that I’m producing, and who knows, there’s other stuff always,” Abraham tells E! News. “Hopefully in five years I can go back to school. I really want to get my doctorate and I want to do plastic surgery. So that’s just something on top of all of the other things I want to do but that would probably be my end goal.”

The mother-of-one, who recently returned to her reality TV roots on Teen Mom OG, also looks back at her time before making it big in the adult industry.

“My mindset before was so limited and so small-minded. I’ve learned from growth and being less judgmental, really expanding and saying don’t just settle and focus on one thing. There’s many other things you can do,” she says. “I am such a different person than who I was and I always reflect back on that.”

Abraham adds, “I’m happy for my daughter that I am who I am so that I can help her in so many ways.”

Maybe she even knows the difference between a feminist and “a lesbian or something” now.